Located below the float club, Altered States studio is where we host classes and workshops for anyone who's keen to develop their meditative practice.

The importance of knowing yourself

We believe that it is important to know yourself deeply—that’s where awareness and healing begins, and transformation follows.

While running the float club, we realised that many of our guests are on a journey to seek their personal truth, through meditation or some form of inner work. So with this in mind, we set out to create a space where our community could gather. A place to grow your practice, with the support of experienced teachers and like-minded explorers.

Because practice is better together

In 2020, Altered States came into being; a studio designed for meditative experiences in a communal setting.

Depending on your intention, choose from a range of methods to deepen your practice, such as breath and sound meditation, Kundalini yoga, or embodied movement. Led by a team of dedicated facilitators, discover how you can transform your practice here.