Altered States

The Warrior's Walk

Embody your inner masculine 

In this class, you'll focus on improving your physical alignment, building mobility, and expanding body awareness. Embody the warrior through simple, everyday movement, such as sitting, standing, and walking, while cultivating the warrior's mentality through meditation. 

You'll be guided by Hafeez, a professional choreographer, functional rehab specialist, and movement coach with over 15 years experience. Learn to ignite your inner ancestral flame through the warrior’s dance, and align your body’s natural mobility as you practise good posture in the warrior’s stance. 

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Meet your guide

Hafeez Hassan is a professional choreographer, functional rehab specialist, and movement coach. He has been in the performing arts industry for over 15 years. Known for his “dynamic movement design” on stage, Hafeez has been involved in numerous musicals, music videos, and tv commercials, both as a performer and choreographer. Due to the nature of his job, his passion towards physical movement grew. His curiosity then brought him into the fitness industry, and he became a certified fitness coach and a rehab specialist.

After spending many years looking for a sustainable way to maintain his physical condition, Hafeez discovered that the best way was also the simplest—by walking. He now integrates his spiritual practices in dance, yoga, and silat with functional corrective exercises. This is how he aims to align the body, mind, and spirit, so as to achieve a peaceful body and a more empowered posture when moving. Hafeez believes that if our training goes in line with what Mother Nature has offered us; walking, running, throwing, and more, we can evolve better as humans, pain-free and stress-free.