Serene Satya Charan is a multidisciplinary practitioner of healing arts of various modalities— sound, meditation, yoga, astrology, and metaphysics.

She has been sharing her practice professionally for over 2 years in the spiritual wellness industry across Asia and Australia, and is committed to ensuring that her offerings are accessible to all.

She aspires to live in dedication to divine service by:
- helping others on the path of liberation
- breaking free of limiting narratives through the practice of meditation
- empowering the collective through awareness, knowledge and self-mastery.

In her own time, she practises a variety of techniques including qigong, vipassana and zazen. She enjoys crafting through pottery, the art of cha dao (tea ceremony), swimming in the ocean, learning from ancient texts and writing esoteric poetry.

Satya Charan is her given spiritual name, which she is currently embodying. Satya means Truth, and Charan means serving at the feet of God/divine service.