The story of the float club

Established in 2014, the float club provides tools to explore your consciousness, so that you can navigate life with clarity and calm.

Reconnecting you with yourself

We believe that knowing yourself is the most powerful change you can bring to the world.

Having personally experienced how an awareness of our inner world can transform our outlook, this inspired us to create a space where others on a similar journey could gather.

See things with new eyes

You'll find us situated along Kallang Riverside park, in the company of old banyan trees and overlooking the tranquil river.

Discover a new perspective as you slow down and detach from the everyday bustle.

Get back to nature

An 8-min walk from Lavender MRT, we're proud to call Kampong Bugis home. We are located along Kallang Riverside park, surrounded by old banyan trees and overlooking the tranquil river.

Unfolding with ease

Let our knowledgeable team of float guides bring you closer to a meaningful experience.

Clay plastered walls

The warm feeling you get when you enter the studio space is partly due to the clay plaster used throughout our space. But what makes clay so special?

Building materials such as unfired clay and other natural fibers have the ability to naturally regulate indoor humidity provided they are not sealed with impermeable finishes. They can effectively capture humidity when the levels are too high and then release it again once the ambient levels drop thus buffering these extremes and creating natural humidity ranges.The reason impermeable finishes are used is to make everything impervious for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Surfaces are covered with a thin layer of plastic. These surfaces become reflective and that has a negative impact on the acoustics and can create visual glare.