What is floatation therapy?

Discover the benefits of doing nothing.

Floatation therapy is a scientifically proven method of reducing stress, speeding up recovery, and it has the potential to rewire your brain.

Here's how it all began

What is the mind capable of? Back in the 1950s, this question motivated neuroscientist, Dr John C Lilly, to create the first floatation tank; a space without light, sound, or external stimulation. He wanted to find out what the brain would do in the absence of sensory input — would it simply go to sleep?

Dr Lilly discovered that not only did his mind stay conscious while floating, it focused its powers inwards, helping to harmonise and regulate internal functions. As a result, he experienced a profound sense of relaxation and rest.

How does it work?

Thanks to almost 600 kg of Epsom salt dissolved in each pod, you'll be able to float effortlessly. As you spend a quiet hour here, it feels like you're in a safe, womb-like cocoon, the perfect space to rest.

Here, you are free from mental stimulation and physical strain. Your mind slows down and enters a deeply meditative state, while your body recovers rapidly from aches, injuries, and stress.


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The benefits of floating


Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Having high cortisol levels for prolonged periods can wreck havoc on your health. Floating dramatically lowers stress chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, and blood pressure, sending you into deep relaxation.

Boost Mental Clarity and Focus

Examine any situation uninterrupted as you free your mind from distraction. Every session trains you to get into a state of flow easily. Outside of the tank, it’s easier to focus and return to this state of mind.

Enhanced Learning

Tests show that floating increases access to your brain's right hemisphere and synchronizes brain-wave activity of the two hemispheres.

Creativity & Problem Solving

Floating fast tracks your brain into theta state. This state of mind gives you access to your unconscious, helping you to make interesting connections and discover new insights, plus creative inspiration.

Break Habits or Addictions

Without distraction, your mind becomes more receptive to new ideas, making it easier to decondition and unfreeze belief structures.


Reduce Back and Bone Pain

Speed up healing, promote muscle repair, and lower your blood pressure. As you float weightless, your blood circulation improves significantly. The reduced tension lasts for days, or even weeks.

Quicken Muscle Recovery

Speed up your recovery in between workouts. The gravity-free environment reduces lactic acid and inflammation, compressing what normally takes a long period of time into hours.

Improve Sleep and Reduce Jetlag

As you clear out fight-flight stress chemicals and reduce physical tension, your quality of sleep improves.


Deepen Meditation

In this distraction-free environment, floating can help you to access a prolonged theta state, which normally takes years of meditation to get to.


The float pod is an excellent place to practise visualisation, which can spark rapid improvement at work, school, or in athletic performance. Train your central nervous system to produce the ‘perfect performance’, free from distraction.

Sense of Oneness

Floating helps to build your awareness of the mind-body connection. In the pod, you are able to examine your inner landscape uninterrupted, reflecting on how your emotions manifest in physical tension, and more.

Epsom salt, the secret to weightlessness

Each float pod has about 600kg of Epsom salt dissolved in water. It’s not just the secret to being weightless; Epsom salt also benefits your health in many ways.

Replenish your magnesium levels

Epsom salt contains magnesium, which is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions that benefit your heart and nervous system. Therefore, soaking in this natural mineral promotes the absorption of magnesium, helping to detox and reduce inflammation in your body.

Boost performance and recovery

Soaking in Epsom salt water is deeply soothing for your mind and body, promoting better circulation, loosening tight muscle fibres, and encouraging healing of muscle tissue.

Improve sleep and reduce stress

Healthy magnesium levels help to boost brain neurotransmitters that are responsible for inducing sleep and reducing stress.

Floating as a tool for finding flow

Many find that floating is a reliable tool for creating flow. It trains your mind to enter a prolonged theta state. Normally, monks meditate for years to get here.

This state of mind gives you access to your unconscious, helping you to make interesting connections, discover new insights, and inspire your creativity.

Step into a place of peace

In a world that is over-stimulated and overworked, floatation provides a rare chance to slow down and access a deep state of calm.  

Our fleet of six pods are built for your comfort. Enjoy the privacy of your own room, with a personal pod and shower inside. Read our FAQ for more information.