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A mission to get the world to tune in

The float club was born from the idea that knowing yourself is the most powerful change you can bring to the world.

Back in 2014, we discovered that the float pod is an excellent place to commune with yourself. Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time geeking out about floating, meditation, and all things related.

Float Guides Wanted

Role: Part-Time

Job Scope

Exploring your inner world through floatation can be transformative. For many, however, taking that first step can be a little daunting. Through the years, it’s been our trusty float guides who help people to have a safe and supported experience.

People come to float for all kinds of reasons – to destress, out of curiosity, or for recovery, etc. A great float guide is able to welcome all of them equally, and tune the experience for each person.

As guardians of the experience, our float guides also keep the technical operations running smoothly. This means keeping the space clean and presentable, managing the reception, and maintaining the float pods.


We are looking for someone who embodies these qualities:
- Welcoming, friendly, and approachable
- Empathetic to guests’ needs, even the unspoken ones
- Attentive to detail, able to uphold high standards of presentation and cleanliness
- Has experience in customer service (minimum 1 year)
– Clear communication and problem solving skills
- Knowledgeable and/or passionate about floating and all things related
- Has an active personal practice when it comes to wellness

Other details
- Job perks include free floats, and weekend meal allowance
– Salary starts at $15-$18/hr
– 2-3 shifts weekly
- Able to commit to Saturday afternoon or evening shifts

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