Red Light Therapy

"[You don't] need brilliance or genius, all [you need] is energy."

— Albert Greenfield

Harness the power of light

Many of us now spend almost our entire day indoors. We live a life full of stressors – work, toxins in our food, artificial light, and more – all of which hinder our ability to produce energy.

Our cells need natural light every day, just like they need water and nutrients from food. Red light therapy is an effective way to help your body function better from the inside out.

How does it work?

Red light stimulates your mitochondria, helping it to produce cellular energy more efficiently. The more energy production and cellular respiration you have, the better your body functions as a whole.

Ten minutes is all you need for each session, making it the perfect add-on before or after a float.

The Benefits

Improve sleep

Natural light exposure is important for a healthy circadian rhythm and restful sleep. Red light has been shown to aid the body’s production of melatonin and to improve sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

Boost performance and recovery

Red light has been found to improve energy, strength, speed, and endurance when used before exercise. After a workout, it has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, speeding up the muscle recovery process.

Improve skin health

Red light therapy is also great for the largest organ of our body — our skin. It boosts collagen, improves complexion, and reduces signs of aging.