Here's how you can prepare for your journey.

What to eat or drink before
Take care to ensure that you won't feel hungry while floating, so that you can focus on relaxing fully. You're advised to have a meal 2-3 hours before, and it’s best to avoid caffeine (or have it at least six hours before).
Be ready to get salty
We recommend to float nude for deeper relaxation; don't worry, your room is completely private. Do refrain from shaving or waxing on the same day, so that the salty water won’t sting. We provide petroleum jelly for you to seal any minor cuts or abrasions.
Just bring an open mind
All your float essentials are covered – we provide fresh towels, earplugs, toiletries, and hairdryer. You may wish to bring a comb or brush.

Watch our video guide:


Welcome! Meet your friendly float guide and check in.


Your guide will show you to your room, give you a walk-through of the whole process, and answer any questions you may have.


Place your phone on silent or airplane mode. The next hour is all about you.


Put on your earplugs, and enjoy a cleansing shower in the privacy of your float room.

Lights off

For the best experience, turn off the room lights before you enter the pod.

Float on

Step into your pod slowly and lie down to float. Music will ease you in for the first ten mins, then it will play to signal the last five minutes before your session ends.

Rinse and reflect

Take another shower to wash off any salt, as you gently return to reality.


Get comfy in our lounge with a warm cup of tea.


To get the most out of your experience, it helps to write, doodle, or share how you feel.

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