90 Mins of Magic

Let your weekdays feel just as good as the weekend — we offer 90-min floats from Monday to Friday. If you're wondering what difference an extra half hour can make, read on to find out what we've learned.

It's a deeper commitment to rest

It's like the old Zen saying: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour." Many of us find it hard to sit still at first, but we are all capable of doing so. The float pod makes it easier to make this commitment, by creating a comfortable and distraction-free environment. As you lose your sense of time, the duration passes faster than you think.

That said, a longer float can feel challenging sometimes, and that's fine. Often, this is where we discover something new about ourselves, as we explore the source of any resistance. Ultimately, you should go with a timing that feels achievable and motivating for you, so that it remains a positive experience for you.

“The floatation tank, removing all external distractions, provides the floater with an unhurried, unpressured opportunity to examine his or her life from a distance, to get a comparatively objective view of any situation, to interrupt the cycle of fight-or-flight tension before it gets out of control, and before it is too late.” — Michael Hutchison, ‘The Book of Floating’

You get to experience both deep rest and conscious introspection.

Sometimes, guests tell us that they slept through the entire duration of their first float, and they're wondering what they missed. This is usually a sign that our mind and body really needed to rest. That's why a 90-min float can be helpful here, because you get to experience both deep rest as well as conscious relaxation.

It might go something like this — after you've cleared out the fatigue with much-needed sleep, you gradually become more conscious of your experience, usually in the second half of the session. Here, you feel calm and centered, giving you greater clarity in whatever you wish to examine in your mind.

You're less likely to feel groggy afterwards 

If you tend to feel a little sleepy after a 60-min float, a longer float might be just what you need. It varies from person to person, but 90 mins can give you more time to cycle through all the sleep stages, so that you’re less likely to wake up during deep sleep.

We'd love to hear how your float goes. Do you have questions? Speak to our float guides or book your experience now.