Exploring the vastness within

Where does your mind take you when you float?

My anxieties that have been nagging me at the back of my mind. And my to do lists. And the things I have yet to say out loud to the people I love. and then slowly to my body, my breathing, the instrumental version of my favourite tune in that moment in time.

Have you noticed any recurring thought patterns during your floats? Can you describe them?

Sometimes I go into a loop of 'nothing matters' (which I do find really reassuring!) then progresses to 'nothing really matters because I matter'. Usually when I transition from feeling 'nothing' in terms of the elements around me to feeling only my body very deeply.

During a float, how does your state of mind progress over time?

It's like fighting to close a heavy door on the windiest day of the year - it's tough, and loud, and you're exposed to all the elements of the outside. But once it's shut, it's this immense relief and quietness.

What sensations in/around your body have you noticed while floating?

At some point I can no longer tell where I end and where the water begins. I am one with the water, with the salt. My body is still and my brain can finally come up for air.

If I wiggle my toes, it feels like a huge delay between me thinking of it and actually feeling it - plus it feels so far away. It feels like an out of body experience that I can sometimes be childish with.

Can you share a memorable float session you’ve had?

I went into the float with an overactive happy mind and I was worried about not being able to quiet it. But I did and the calmness I experienced was almost euphoric? I remember thinking that I always considered joy a 'high energy' emotion (both mentally and physically) but in that moment it was one of calm quiet content. I guess I learnt something new about myself and the way I can process emotions.

Another time was when I brought my little brother with me. This was such a lovely way to spend a morning together after an extended time of not seeing each other. We bonded over our experiences and the journey we just had separately but together. Extremely cute day.

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