Hello 2023

As one year draws to a close, we find ourselves setting new intentions and goals for the next. The new year feels like a new opportunity, a chance to do things differently. But sometimes, we might find ourselves losing steam on our new year resolutions halfway through.

So in 2023, we're trying a new perspective—what if we asked ourselves better questions, rather than copy-pasting the same old list of resolutions? Questions that help us to get to know ourselves; because when you know yourself deeply, setting the right goals becomes much easier.

We asked our team to get the ball rolling, by sharing what they'd like to explore this year.

”Cultivate a habit of learning and improving incrementally. Not just something new about the world but also getting to know myself better. Self-inquiry allows me to embrace myself and connect with others more open-heartedly. Oh, and stretch my body daily too.” —Adilah

”Lately, I've started committing to one small self-care ritual before bedtime. I have a natural tendency to procrastinate, but I've learnt that once I complete one small task, it gives me the encouragement to add on another achievable task rather than not getting started at all and always thinking "I'll do it tomorrow." This has opened my eyes to the power of consistency.” —Brenda

”To be a little more diligent in routines, especially with honouring rest and sleep. I’ve been neglecting sleep a little lately because the nights have been super quiet and really nice to work with for creativity.” —Axel

”Overthinking social cues and caring too much about what people think of me. With the new year I'd like to be more confident about showing up authentically as myself without having to worry about how people are perceiving me." —Yu Shan

"To give less energy towards traditional family expectations and obligations as every family works differently. Also, I have a tendency of saying ‘yes’ to everything therefore stretching myself thin. I’ll be striving to not do it all for everyone. Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should!“ —Amanda

”Let go of or manage past memories and flashbacks, and redirect them into sustainable energy through creativity or movement. It’s something I struggle with, and I’m constantly learning to manage it through forms of expression and growth.” —Axel

”Serenity, calm, peacefulness, contentment, quiet, centred. Grounding myself and reminding myself to take my time and that there's no rush. Everyone is on their own different journey. I don't need to ‘catch up’ or be at a certain place/stage just because someone else is.” —Graeme

”An ounce of courage to sit with the entire spectrum of feelings life throws you. Instead of substituting or diverting it to someone or something else. There’s a palpable relief at the thought of how things are not immutable. It is helpful to remind myself of that and to choose hope in the face of ‘bad’ feelings like disappointment or grief.” —Adilah

”A deeper connection with the people who matter to me. As the years go by, I’ve realised that those are the memories that I treasure most. So I hope to remember to be fully present in those moments.” —Sarah

Postcards laid in a diagonal grid, each reading 'Enjoy The Trip'
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