"I was very worried cos I dont know how to swim and float, but it was one of the best experience ever! It was so relaxing I fell asleep and felt so refreshed!"
"Deeply relaxing and unexpectedly impactful. Far less "woo woo" than I would have guessed."
Great visit for both myself and my wife. Plenty of room to get changed and showered, and a very clean facility in general. If you're into meditation or even open to try mindfulness - this is a must visit.
"Fantastic visit and float today with my partner also joining for her first taster float also.
"Totally mind-blowing experience, which just fixes you up. If you are a daily meditator and wanna feel the next level, give it a shot you won't regret."
“After 3-days of non-stop meetings (we were fried) I took my team for a 90-minute float; it was heaven! I am quite high-energy and have a hard time meditating, but this was divine relaxation. I slept very well that night and felt a sense of recovery and renewal the next day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.”
"Can't say enough about how much this place has helped me. Amazing space and wonderful staff."
"An experience out of this world. I personally took 5-10mins to adjust, thereafter it was relaxing. Time passes too fast in the pod. Definitely worth a try."
"A wonderful experience, from the hospitality, the facilities and feeling like I was in space! Definitely worth a visit or two."
"Train the monkey mind. Zen yourself for yourself. Will be back again."
"“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”
Lao Tzu